How To Measure Your Pups Collar Length and Girth

Measuring Collar for Length

Using a tailor / sewing measuring tape, place the tape snuggly around your dog's neck where he or she normally wears their collar and then loosen for breathing room.  At the correct tightness, you should be able to place two fingers in between the tape and your dog's neck.  Where the tape crosses is your measurement.  
If your dog has long hair and gets regular haircuts, you should measure the dog right after grooming. Then add an extra one to three inches to the length.  Allowing room for adjusting, no matter if their hair is freshly cut, or cute and shaggy.
Once you receive your collar, adjust to fit snuggly with enough room for two fingers to fit between the collar and your pup.  

Measuring Girth

First, find your dog’s girth.  It is the widest point of your dog’s chest and rib cage area.  

Standing over your pup, place one end of the tape measure over his or her spine, just above the widest part of their rib cage.  Using your other hand, wrap the tape measure behind their legs, and around their body going underneath the widest part of their rib cage.  Overlap this end to the one at the beginning of the tape.  Where the tape crosses is your dog’s girth measurement.  

Similar to measuring your dog’s collar length, at the correct tightness, you should be able to put two fingers comfortably underneath the tape and your dog allowing room for comfort and mobility.  


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