The Story of Coast

I’m proud to be an American, and newly an entrepreneur.  

I reached a crossroad in life, after years of grinding, and what I came to realize later, was missing out on all of life’s beautiful little moments because I was so consumed by my work.  After some reflection, I decided to leave the security of corporate America, in pursuit of being free.

My vision was to create a company that stood for - “doing what you love, with those you love.”   During this time more than ever, I believe people are looking for ways to reconnect.  This includes taking a step back from the confusion, and fear to get back to what matters most.  The moments we share with our family, friends, and our community, both two and four-legged. 

For years, I searched for dog products that were made in the USA, of good quality, and were versatile in use.  Have you seen dog products in today’s market place?  You can easily tell the majority are not made in America.  They don’t stand a chance over time, lack function and/or safety.  

I set out to solve these problems.  After conceptualizing a design, I searched and collected the best USA made materials, along with local artisans to help bring our products to life. The search was not as easy as I thought, but what I discovered was pure.   Across the country, I found what I needed, and what stood out most, was the willingness of people to help one another, in order to be a part of creating more products here in the US, and subsequently creating jobs in their communities.  

Over time, our creations went from paper and string designs, to working with rope makers, leather craftsmen, paper printers, along with cultivating a relationship with the Amish community, to hand sew our products.  

The product line is themed ‘Free to Be’, and includes a first of its kind multifunctional dog leash, collar, versatile harness, and reusable to-go paper bowls.  

Through our current product testing phase, we have received incredible feedback as to how our products have helped change the way our customers interact with their beloved pets.  The camaraderie we had been searching for has come to life, and so has our American dream.  The many connections I have made is truly what I believe America stands for.  We each are “free to be”, to do what we love, but together we are better.   

We are grateful for all who supported us, continue to support us, share Coast with others, and those who have provided us feedback.  It is because of all of you that we are able to continue to grow, and are able to live our best ‘free to be’ life.  

We thank you again for visiting our store.  Any questions or comments, we would love to hear from you. 

With love and wet bearded kisses,

XOXO - Tara and Briggs

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