10 Helpful Tips On Preparing Your Dog For Summer In The City And At The Beach!

It’s Summer!!.. the sun is out, the weather is warm, and there are tons of people on the streets waiting to pet me!  Life is great!!

Check out these 10 helpful tips on preparing your dog for summer in the city and at the beach! Inspired by my own Briggs, the Australian Labradoodle.

  • Stay on-top of your flea, tick, and heartworm prevention. During the spring and summer months is when these these insects can cause real problems if not treated.  Check out this article, by Dr. Judy Morgan, there are some great tips on ways to keep your dog safe from these pesky bugs, naturally!
  • Use deet-free natural topical sprays or natural oils to help keep mosquitoes, and other biting bugs away from your dog.  
  • When visiting the beach, watch out for the burrs that hide in the lawn, dunes, and in the sand. If they get caught in your pet’s skin, use caution and have patience when removing them. These buggers hurt!  If you have never seen a burr, this is what they look like.

    They can be removed with a fine-tooth comb. Separate your dog’s fur, hold the fur closest to the skin, and gently work the comb starting from the ends down to the root. For burrs that are harder to remove, use vegetable oil to loosen fur, then remove with a comb. For the most stubborn of burrs that need removed by cutting your dog’s fur, BE CAREFUL! If the burr is too close to your dog’s skin or you are not confident in cutting it out, take your dog to a groomer to have it safely removed.   Bring lots of fresh cool water! Because dogs have a less efficient way of cooling     their bodies, they are more susceptible to overheating. Also, based on your dog’s breed, he or she may have a better heat tolerance than other pups.  
    • Avoid taking your dog for a walk during the sun’s peak hours, especially during the hottest times of the year. Hot asphalt and sidewalks, can burn your dogs paws, and exercising during these peak hours increases your dog’s chance of having a heat stroke.  If you want to take your dog for a stroll, limit the length of your walk, and take them in the early morning or evening hours.
    • Don’t keep your dog in the heat for too long. If your dog is out with you in the city or at the beach, be sure to provide your dog with air conditioning or some shaded area to relax and cool off.  
    • Dining out with your four-legger in the warmer weather is becoming more and more accepted in areas throughout the country. When out for a bite, use caution when tying your dog up. Safely secure your dog by using a leash that you can wrap around a pole or on your chair and snap to a ring to secure. Attempting to tie a leash in a knot to secure your dog, like seen here can be risky!   
    • Your dog most likely can pull that knot apart, causing danger to itself, and/or another dog.  
    • Give your dog a summer trim! If your dog’s fur grows crazy like mine .. a summer haircut will definitely cool your dog off. Don’t forget the sunscreen. Just like us, our beloved dogs can get sunburned too! Dogs with white, light colored coats, or thin coats are more likely to burn when in the sun. To protect your pet, apply baby or dog sunscreen focusing on ears, nose, under their mouth and their back.  
    • Rinse your pooch with fresh water after playing in the ocean, creek, or pool. Chlorine or other chemicals can dry out and irritate your dog’s skin  It can also cause an upset stomach, if your dog thinks it is a huge water bowl, like mine does. The same goes for ocean water. For creeks and others, make sure you are familiar with the water and it is not stagnant because stagnant water holds dangerous bacteria that can be extremely harmful to our pups.

      Have a great summer!  Be Free! Any questions, comments, or if you would like to share your favorite summer activity leave a comment or send us an email at info@coastbrandsusa.com.

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